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Replacing Our Roofing

Commercial Roofing: Exploring The Benefits Of Choosing A Green Roof

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Green, or living roofs as they are commonly called, are quickly growing in popularity amongst commercial property owners. This is because green roofs are able to offer a wide variety of benefits that cannot be found in more traditional roofing systems. Below you will learn more about a few of these impressive benefits so that you can decide for yourself whether or not a green roof is right for your commercial roofing needs. Benefit #1: Reduced Heating And Cooling Costs A green roof will absorb the sun’s rays and act as an isolator for...

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Three Solutions To Get The Look Of Shakes Where Real Wood Roofing Is Prohibited

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Real wood shakes are a very attractive and durable roofing material, but in some areas their use is prohibited. This is often due to dry climates and the fire hazards of wood shake roofing. In wet climates, shakes can also have problems with fungus and mold, which are not ideal. This is why today, there are more and more alternatives to real shake roofing. These materials can look a lot like the real thing, but do not have the problems of wood shakes. If you want to have the look of shakes on your home, here are some of the alternatives you...

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Three Different Looks You Can Get With The Installation Of A New Shake Roof

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There are many different types of roofing available, and shake roofing is one of the only natural materials that is used widely as a commercial roofing product. It is available in many different styles, which can give you many choices for the installation of your new roof. This can be done using a combination of colors, different sizes of shakes and by creating designs and patterns. If you want to have a shake roof with a unique look, here are three things that you may want to consider having done: 1. Different Appearance With Shakes And...

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How To Prevent Ice Dams From Forming On Your Roof

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Most people don’t pay attention to their roof unless there is a leak.  Winter is one of the worst times to have a leaky roof, and ice dams are a common catalyst for leaks.  Ice dams are thick ridges of ice hanging from the edge of your roof.  Pretty as they are, they are an absolute menace to your roof and gutters.  As the ice melts, water backs up and leaks inside of your home.  The good news is that they are preventable.  Follow the steps below to stop ice dams from forming by insulating, sealing, and...

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Metal Roofing In An Urban Setting

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In some places, metal roofing carries the stigma of being associated with hay barns and tractor sheds. Thus, some urban dwellers are reluctant to fit their home with long panels of sheet metal. This reluctance has more to do with aesthetics than any disadvantages of metal roofing itself. In fact, metal roofing has many strong characteristics that make it a better choice for roofing than asphalt shingles. While asphalt shingles are less expensive than metal roofing, a good metal roof will outperform shingles in important ways.  ...

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The Need For Snow Guards In Cold Climates

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If your area experiences lots of snow or ice falls, then you probably need snow guards on your roof. These are roof installations designed to hold the snow and ice until they melt. Here are some of the damages you will be preventing by installing snow guards: Injuries Without snow guards in place, huge amounts of snow and ice can collect on the roof and fall as a unit. Such a huge mass of frozen water can cause severe injury to anybody (or even pets) standing or walking directly beneath the edge of the roof. Don’t forget that a visitor...

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Are Solar Shingle Roofs worth the Up-front Investment?

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Solar shingles are a relatively new type of shingle that works both as a roofing material and to capture energy from the sun to produce electricity for a home or business. Solar shingles were first introduced commercially in 2005, but the high price tag was a deterrent for many property owners. More recently; however, the cost of purchasing and installing solar shingles is dropping, making the investment not only affordable, but preferable over other types of roofing materials and solar products. Solar shingles have many advantages over the...

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How to Know That Your Shingles Are Aging

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To most people, roof damage occurs due to: physical damage (for example caused by falling tree branches or hail), use of inferior materials and even poor workmanship during installation or repair. However, there are also cases where your roof is properly installed with the right materials, but just gets damaged due to age-related damage. Here are a few signs that may tell you that you are dealing with age-related damage: Loss of Granules Granule loss, especially at the edges of the shingle tabs, is one of the most common symptoms of shingle...

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How A Polyurethane Coating Can Benefit Your Roof

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Polyurethane foam roof coatings are becoming more popular with homeowners as a way to protect their roof. If you have been considering adding it to your home, consider the following benefits of using the material. It’s Versatile Before you can consider the possibilities of using a polyurethane foam roof coating, you are probably wondering if it can work with your home’s roof. A great benefit of using polyurethane is that is works with many kinds of roofing materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. The thin profile of...

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8 Tips For Maintaining A Commercial Roof

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Inspecting your roof is an important part of ensuring your business is structural sound. When you have roofing problems, not only do they impact you and your employees, but also your customers. Here are some tips for inspecting and maintaining a commercial roof. Look for signs of water issues. Prolonged standing water can be a sign that your roof does not have the proper drainage in place. The water can lead to problems, such as rotted wood and premature aging. Bubbling is also a sign of a water issue. Inspect the the flashing. The flashing,...

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