Key Terms You Should Understand When Your Home Has A Tile Roof

Tile roofs, either made with traditional clay or more modern materials, are a logical choice in homes where the climate can be especially hot because this is one material that is capable of standing up to high temperatures. Even though incredibly resilient, the individual tiles can crack over time, which will lead you to the need for tile roof repair. Before you call on a professional roofer for help, it is always good if you can familiarize yourself with some of the key terms in the industry so you can better explain what is going wrong.

Interlocking Tile - Interlocking tiles are laid in a single layer where each edge is directly situated with the next tile in a uniform manner. This type of tile does not have any overlapping features and is often easier to repair.

Cloaked Verge - This is a term that is used to describe overhanging tile at the edging of the roof. Clay tile in particular can be prone to cracking and breakage at the cloaked verge points of the roof.

Finial - The finial usually sits at the end points of the roof and is a specially designed tile that may boast a design or scrollwork. These pieces can sometimes be more prone to wear and breakage and may need to be replaced sooner than the rest of the roofing.

Valley Tile - The valley tiles are used at the junction of two angles of the roof. If you have issues with the valley tile on your roof, a roofer will have to come and measure to determine the slope that will have to be used for replacement.

Peg Tile - Peg tile is typically installed around the perimeter of the roof and contains pre-drilled holes to allow for the connection of gutters and other roofing elements to drain water away from the area.

Pantiles - This is one of the most popular roofing tile forms and can be spotted in various locations across the country. It boasts the familiar S-wave pattern that is designed to create the appearance of uniform waves across the surface of the roof.

By educating yourself about a few of the more common roofing components, you will have a much easier time expressing your problem to a contractor (such as one from Scurrah's Roofing) when you call for help. However, if you are not sure what the issue is or what type of tile you have, the contractor can always come out and take a look for you.