How A Polyurethane Coating Can Benefit Your Roof

Polyurethane foam roof coatings are becoming more popular with homeowners as a way to protect their roof. If you have been considering adding it to your home, consider the following benefits of using the material.

It's Versatile

Before you can consider the possibilities of using a polyurethane foam roof coating, you are probably wondering if it can work with your home's roof. A great benefit of using polyurethane is that is works with many kinds of roofing materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.

The thin profile of polyurethane means it will be flexible, conforming to all kinds of roof shapes. You will not need to change any aspects of your roof such as sharp corners, curves, or arches, which makes it a great option for any roof.

It Provides Complete Protection

Polyurethane is best known for the protection it can bring to your roofing material. The foam attaches to your existing roof to create a barrier that is so impermeable that rain water can't penetrate it. Once a roof has been coated with polyurethane, it will be protected from moisture, mud, dirt, and other debris. It will help extend the life of your roof by protecting it from these things that can cause damage.

It Resists All Kinds of Weather

If your top priority is protecting your roof from the weather, you can't go wrong with polyurethane. It will make your roof resistant to all the elements that weather can bring, such as moisture, oxygen, and sunlight.

Polyurethane can even perform well in extreme cold temperatures. The material will remain unchanged and flexible if the temperature were to drop as cold as -90°F. Chances are that your home will never see temperatures that cold, but it will give you peace of mind when the temperature drops below zero degrees as it has frequently done these past few winters.

It Resists Mold

When your roof has a problem with mold growth, you need to find a way to protect it. Thankfully, polyurethane will be your saving grace, as it will not allow mildew, mold, or fungi to form on your roof. Homeowners in humid and hot climates will really appreciate how the coating will protect their roof from these annoyances.

Having your roof fixed is definitely not cheap, which is why you need to protect your roof by investing in a polyurethane foam roof coating. A local roofing company like Dodge Foam & Coatings Inc. can give you a quote on how much it will cost to add to your home.