The Need For Snow Guards In Cold Climates

If your area experiences lots of snow or ice falls, then you probably need snow guards on your roof. These are roof installations designed to hold the snow and ice until they melt. Here are some of the damages you will be preventing by installing snow guards:


Without snow guards in place, huge amounts of snow and ice can collect on the roof and fall as a unit. Such a huge mass of frozen water can cause severe injury to anybody (or even pets) standing or walking directly beneath the edge of the roof. Don't forget that a visitor to your home can sue you for personal injuries if he or she is convinced that your negligence occasioned his or her injury.

Damage to Objects on the Ground

Apart from injuries, falling ice and snow can also cause serious damage to objects on the ground. For example, it can fall on a parked car and damage the windshield. Even your beautiful landscaping, with its delicate plants, may not be immune from such damage.

Gutter Damage

The effect of accumulated snow is not confined to injuries and damages to people and objects on the ground. Even roof structures such as gutters can suffer great damage from falling loads. In the case of the gutters, it is not just the speed of the falling snow that matters, but also its weight. This is why some roofs are constructed in such a way that the outmost gutter edge is at or below the roof slope plane.

Damage to Roof Projections

Even roof projections aren't safe from the destructive effect of sliding snow and ice. For example, a sheet of snow can slide into and knock off your roof plumbing vent. What is more, such damage can be catastrophic because it can lead to roof leaks.

Lower Roof Damage

Lastly, you should know that lack of a snow guard can even lead to damage to the roof itself. This is likely to be the case if your roof is made up of different levels. Snow accumulated on the upper levels or slopes can slide and fall on the lower slopes/levels. The result can be damaged seams, slate or even tiles.

Note that for snow guards to work, they must be professionally installed. This is because the size, material, shape and placement of the guards all determine whether they can hold the weight of snow expected on the roof. If you just slap a few guards on the roof without considering these factors, then your snow guards may not work at all.

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