Three Solutions To Get The Look Of Shakes Where Real Wood Roofing Is Prohibited

Real wood shakes are a very attractive and durable roofing material, but in some areas their use is prohibited. This is often due to dry climates and the fire hazards of wood shake roofing. In wet climates, shakes can also have problems with fungus and mold, which are not ideal. This is why today, there are more and more alternatives to real shake roofing. These materials can look a lot like the real thing, but do not have the problems of wood shakes. If you want to have the look of shakes on your home, here are some of the alternatives you may want to consider for your new roof.

1. Composite Shake Materials That Resemble Real Wood

One great solution to give your home the look of shakes without real wood is composite materials. These new materials are made from recycled rubber, plastic and wood materials. They have the texture, color and look of real wood, but are resistant to fire and water. This is an affordable solution that can also be use to replace conventional asphalt shingles. These materials are also very green and have good energy performance.

2. Stamped Metal Shakes With Powder-Coated Finish 

If you live in a dry climate, you may want to use as much fire-resistant materials on your home as possible. The best material for this is metal roofing, which can also come in stamped shake designs. These materials will give you the benefit of an excellent material for fire-resistance, as well as the look of shake roofing. These materials are also powder-coated with a finish that makes the metal look more like real wood shakes. Best of all, it will outlast many of the other roofing materials that are available today.

3. Treated Shake Materials For Real Wood Roofing Solutions

If you want to have real wood on your home, there are also materials that you can use. There are treated shake materials that are rated for fire-and water-resistance, which can be used on homes with these special conditions. These materials will give you real wood and stand up to any environmental conditions. If you live in a dry climate though, you may still need to check with your local building authority to see if the use of these products is permitted in your area.

If you cannot have wood shakes installed on your home, you may want to consider some of these options as an alternative. You can contact a roofing contractor like GBS Enterprises Roofing and ask them about some of the available shake materials in your area to give your home the look of wood shakes.