Roof Repair Tips: 4 Ways To Use A Ladder Safely

Using a ladder is an essential part of repairing your roof. In order to avoid potential injuries, follow these tips for using the ladder safely.

Use the Right Ladder

Using a ladder safely begins when you choose the right ladder for the job. Make sure it is the right height, first of all. When you are working on the roof, it should be a few feet higher than the roofline. You should not have to lift yourself up and onto the roof. From the rung you are standing on, you should be able to walk right onto the roof. You also want to use a fiberglass or wooden ladder if you will be working near electrical equipment or power lines. Try to find a ladder that has slip-resistant feet.

Learn to Set it Up Correctly

Once you have purchased your ladder, it is time to get it set up. Make sure the ladder is sitting on a level and firm ground. If you need the ladder on a surface that is not completely level, you can make it level by using different wooden boards. Even if you have tried to make the ground level, it is always a good idea to have someone else at the bottom that is holding onto the ladder in case it starts to wobble.

When setting up the ladder, the angle matters. Depending on the type of ladder you get, there is a different angle for setting it up. There will be a safety graphic on the side that shows you how to set it up safely.

Stand Properly on the Ladder

When walking up or standing on the ladder, you should also be centered between the two side rails of the ladder. Also make sure you do not exceed the maximum load, which includes any materials you are holding. Also do not stand or sit on the top couple rungs of the ladder. These are not as stable, and are not safe to use. Only one person should be on a ladder at any given time.

Avoid the Common Mistakes

There are several mistakes that people tend to make. These can increase your risk for injury while using the ladder. First of all, you should not place a ladder in front of a door if it isn't locked. Even if you don't think someone will open that door, you don't want to take any chances. If you need the ladder in front of a door that doesn't have a lock, put up a sign or have someone guard the door.

When your ladder is raised, do not leave it unattended, even if you are not currently standing on it. Kids might find it fun to use, which could cause serious injury. You should also not be leaning to reach your work area. Walk down to the bottom, move the ladder over, then go back up. It might seem inconvenient, but it can save a lot of back and shoulder pain.

Lastly, make sure you have a tool belt on with your different roof repairing tools. You don't want to have to walk all the way down the ladder for one tool when repairing roof shingles. If you would rather let a professional do the work, visit Homestead Roofing Co.