2 Suggestions For Cutting Your Cooling Costs With A Roof

One of the cheapest ways to build a roof is to combine alternating layers of tarpaper and tar to make a roofing membrane. The problem with this type of roofing is that the dark-colored tarpaper and the black tar absorb a lot of heat from the sun. This heat will not only bake the volatiles out of the tar, which can lead to cracking, it will also leak into the building below, which drives up your cooling costs. If you want to save money by using asphalt roofing, then you should also have a strategy for keeping your energy costs down. 

Install a White Roof Coating

Some colors absorb more of the sun's rays than others. Black absorbs more solar radiation than any other color. While the amount of solar radiation that a material absorbs determines its color, it also determines how hot the material gets. Black materials like tar will heat up far more than light colored materials. Simply changing the color of your roof from black to white can help you to save as much as 20% on your cooling costs. Simply covering your roof with white gravel will protect it from UV degradation and help to reflect the sun's energy away from your building. You might also paint your roof white or cover it with a white roofing membrane. While these upgrades will cost, you will save money from month to month and year to year on your cooling costs, so you will end up saving more money than you spend. 

Not Everything that Reflects is White

Installing a white roofing membrane is a good idea, but you can simply upgrade your existing tar roof. Metal is naturally reflective and can help you to achieve much the same effect as you would get by painting your roof white. In fact, a metal roof can cut your cooling costs by up to 25%. You don't need to have a roof made entirely from metal in order to achieve these savings. Instead, you can paint your roof with a sealcoat that contains granules of aluminum, which will help to reflect the sun's UV rays, protect your roof from damage, and lower your cooling costs. 

When you install a roof, you have to remember that the cost of installing your roof is really a small fraction of the total cost of a roof. By looking at how your roof will affect your energy costs, you can get a better idea of the total cost of the roof. Any steps you take to improve the energy efficiency of your roof will save you money over the long run. Visit Davis Bros Roofing for more information.