4 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

If you're looking to get some roofing work done, hiring a professional contractor, such as those at Western Roofing, affords several advantages over trying to do it yourself. When you work with a contractor, you protect yourself from possible injury, the use of low quality materials and having to extend the job timeline because of novice mistakes. That said, you shouldn't just hire the first contractor you find, or even the one that offers the lowest bid. So keep reading to find four smart questions you should ask before deciding to hire a roofing contractor.

Can I have some references?

References are the best way to figure out exactly the kind of work you can expect from a contractor. You don't have to rely on just second-hand testimony either; if you can, drive out to see similar projects completed by the contractor and talk to former clients about how well the contractor's work has held up over time. If the contractors you're planning on working with are proud of their past projects, they won't hesitate to give you a long list of references.

What is your insurance policy?

Every credible contractor is insured, but it's a good idea to ask for insurance documents before hiring anybody. Things like liability policies and worker compensation are important to every job, and making sure that things are in order on the contractor's side of the deal ensures that you won't have to take any potentially crippling financial risks.

Who do you employ?

Even if the working relationship between you and the contractor seems like it won't be an issue, you should still inquire about the employees who will be doing the actual heavy lifting. Find out how extensively the contractor's employees are trained -- not only in their respective specialties, but also in basic safety procedure. A good contractor should have no problem telling you about the experience and certifications his or her employees possess. 

Can I see the written contract?

Before you shake hands or verbally commit to hiring a specific contractor, ask to see a standard written contract. In it, all of the agreed-upon terms should be clearly stated, and a guaranteed installation warranty should be one of the things included. Without an installation warranty, you may be stuck having to hire an additional contractor to fix or replace hastily installed roofing. All credible contractors should be able to provide you with a written contract (or at least an outline of one) on short notice.