Pine Needles On Shingle Roofing – Is It Damaging?

Do you have pine trees that drop their needles onto the roof of your home? Could those pine needles be causing damage to the roof? How can you remove those needles without damaging the roof? Prevention is the most affordable way to handle roof damage. Below, you will learn what damage can be caused by the pine needles and what you can do to prevent damage from occurring because of them.

Do pine needles damage roofing shingles?

Any organic material on your roof will lead to damage. Leaves, dirt, limbs and pine needles will eventually cause the roofing shingles to break down and rot the wood sub-roofing. When left on the roof, the moisture from rain, condensation and dew will cause the debris on your roof to become wet and stay wet much longer than it should.

Another problem that you may have to deal with because of the pine needles on your roof is algae and moss growth. The excess moisture trapped in the debris will cause the algae and mold to grow quite rapidly. Once it starts growing, it can be a big project to put a stop to it before the roots of the algae and moss penetrate the shingles and sub-roofing.

How do you remove pine needles from a shingle roof?

Most people don't know that the more that you walk on your roof, the more damage you can do. This is because if you don't walk on shingle roofing just right, you could cause the granules that protect your roof to come off. This will leave the roof exposed to moisture and UV rays.

To walk on the roof without causing damage, use sure steps. This means that you should never drag your feet across the shingles. Do your best to plant your foot firmly and don't twist, turn or shuffle to the next area that you need to work on.

Now, to remove the needles from your roof, think about using a leaf blower. Start at the top of your roof and work your way to the eaves. This way, you aren't blowing air under the shingles, which could cause the shingles to lift and split.

If the needles won't blow off, using a roofing rake is your next best option. These rakes are lightweight and made in a way that will not damage the shingles as you pull the needles off of the roof.

If this is something that you cannot do on your own, talk with your local roofing contractor (such as Skywalker Roofing) to learn about services available to keep your roofing clean and in great condition for many years.