Three Questions To Ask Before Having Your Roof Replaced

If you need to have your roof replaced, then it's important to do your research prior to settling on a roofing company. Making sure that a company has good reviews and offers a competitive price are good first steps. But, before you actually sign that contract, there are a few other questions that you should ask potential roofers to ensure that your job is going to be done properly.

Will you be doing a complete tear-off or a recovering?

Most homeowners assume that when they ask for a new roof, the old roof will be torn off and a new one will be put in its place. However, if you fail to specify this, you may find that your roofing company simply puts a new roof on top of the old one. Known as recovering, this process does save time (and money), but it is an inferior option to tearing off and replacing the roof.

A roof that has simply been recovered will begin degrading rather quickly since moisture will build up between the two layers of shingles. Thus, you won't save any money in the long run with a recovering, since your roof will need to be replaced sooner. Always ask to make sure a roofing company plans to do a complete tear off and replacement before allowing them to replace your roof.

Will you apply an ice shield?

An ice shield is a special, waterproof material that is placed along the edge of the roof. It keeps water from seeping in should ice overflow from your gutters. It also protects your home from leaks if your gutters become clogged with leaves or other debris in the warmer months. Some roofers will skip an ice shield unless a homeowner specifies that they want it, since the materials are costly. However, this may lead to water damage in your walls and ceilings. Make sure that your estimate includes an ice shield, even if temperatures do not fall below freezing in your area, since it protects against both ice and water.

Do you use nails or staples?

Nails have always been the standard in roofing. Recently, however, some roofing companies have begun trying to save time by using staples to hold shingles down instead. While staples may hold up in fair weather, they are not always strong enough to hold shingles on during high winds. Unless you want to be calling your roofing company to replace your shingles after each big storm, make sure they use nails. They're longer, stronger, and a tried-and-true option.

If a roofing company that you're considering hiring does not provide good answers to the questions above or is not willing to accommodate your requests, consider working with a different company. A roofing job that's done without a complete tear off, an ice shield, or proper nails is not the best roofing job for your home.

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