3 Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining A Roof Vent

Most homes have roof vents, yet most homeowners have no idea what they are or why they are there. While there are a few different types, they all need to be cleaned properly and efficiently. Without proper maintenance, the vents get clogged, increasing the temperature inside the attic and also increasing the risk of fire. Take a look at three simple tips to help keep one of the most important and overlooked features of the home clean and working well.

Never use water.  While this may feel counterproductive, water will only worsen the issue. The wet dust becomes sticky muck that is extremely difficult to remove. An air compressor is the best tool to be used when cleaning any vents. There are many cordless air compressors on the market, some of them using gas for fuel, others are powered by a battery. Be sure to get an effective hose and compressor powerful enough to blow away any left behind debris. Being ill equipped for this job is not only costly but dangerous.

Blow away from the vent. It may be first instinct to point the hose directly into the vent and blow, assuming the debris will blow out along the sides. However, this is the complete opposite of proper procedure. It's important to blow the debris out away from the vent, preventing anything from making its way inside or even perhaps damaging the vent. Some people choose to wear a respirator mask for this chore, which is understandable as the floating dust and debris can certainly agitate allergies. Many people also avoid cleaning the vents on windy days, as this exacerbates the dust issue.

Clean often. One of the biggest tips as far as cleaning attic cooling vents goes is clean frequently. Especially if the home is in an area that experiences extreme heat, the ultimate efficiency of the vents will be important. This is also an important tip because air vents are often forgotten about or unknown. Thus, they are not paid much attention, which can lead to some pretty catastrophic consequences. The worst scenario, of course, being that the insulating material in the attic gets too hot and combusts. Keeping the vents cleaned twice a year will ensure the highest possible working efficiency and safety.

Just because the vents are often overlooked does not mean they are unimportant. There are many different types, but all need a proper cleaning to keep working correctly. Not only will this keep the family safe, it will also give the roof a longer life, keeping the shingles at a reasonable temperature even while it's hot outside. Keep a close eye on the vents of the roof and be sure they are cleared of all debris and dust. It will give peace of mind through hot, rough summers.

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