Taking Care Of Your Gutter System

If you have just purchased a new home, you will soon find out the importance of caring for its gutter system to avoid moisture building up around your foundation. Caring for your gutters can be done in conjunction with other roof maintenance procedures. Routine maintenance steps will ensure that your gutter system protects your home so there is no risk of flooding as a result. Here are some steps to take to keep your gutters working up to par year round.

Schedule Checks Bi-Yearly

It is a good idea to check your gutter system in its entirety at least two times a year. Doing your maintenance in the springtime will help you find areas needing attention due to the wear and tear that the gutters may have experienced from excessive snowfall and ice. Checking them again in the fall will allow you to remove debris and prepare them for the inclement weather ahead.

Clean Out The Gutters Thoroughly

Getting all debris out of the gutters is the most important part of maintaining them. If debris builds up, the gutters will not work properly. Water may pool up, pushing itself under your bottom layer of roof shingles. Water could also spill out over the edge and end up along the very area that you are trying to protect along the foundation.

While using gloves on your hands, climb on a ladder and scoop out all of the debris from the gutters. Dispose of the waste in a wooded area or with other landscaping refuse. Scrub the interior of the gutter with a mild detergent mixed with water. At this time, inspect the interior for any areas needing repair.

Fixing Cracks And Tears With Caulk

When you find spots that are not intact, you will need to take the appropriate steps in repairing them so the gutter does not drip water. Use caulk to seal up smaller cracks. After it is placed over the crack, push it down with your finger to seal the crack underneath. Small holes can be patched with pieces of flashing. Cut a piece to cover the hole completely and adhere it to the interior of the gutter with caulk. These are quick fixes to allow the gutter to last a bit before you can get new pieces installed.

Adhere To The Home Properly

If your gutters are pulling away from your home due to an overload of debris, they will need to be pushed back into place and secured with gutter hangers. These can be purchased at a hardware store and will hold the gutter rigidly underneath the bottom of the roof so that they can do their job correctly. Simply slide a hanger underneath the portion of the gutter that's bending; secure it to the home with the appropriately sized screws.

For more information or assistance, consider contacting a professional like those at Suncastle Roofing Inc.