Three Ways To Help Keep Your Slate Roof In Great Shape

If you have just bought a house with a slate roof, you likely know that caring for the roof is going to be somewhat different than caring for one that has asphalt tiles or that is made of metal. Slate can last a long time, but it has its weak points. Proper care and maintenance can help you keep the roof in good shape, and here are three things you can do that will make the job a lot easier.

Annual Inspections and Winter Debris Removal

Even if you never experience obvious problems with the roof, you should inspect it twice a year -- once in spring as a full annual inspection to ensure the roof survived winter, and once in fall before cold weather starts in to remove any debris that landed on the roof. The annual inspection gets you ready for the rainy season and lets you know if there are cracked tiles, loose flashing, or other problems that have emerged as the cold winter weather has eased up. The fall inspection shows you if any debris like sports equipment or branches have landed on the roof, possibly cracking tiles. Another reason to remove the debris is that it can block the flow of rainwater off the roof, causing ice dams if temperatures drop below freezing. Ice can cause slate tiles to crack.

No Basketball Hoops or Other Sports Items

If you decide to play catch, badminton, or anything else where something could land on the roof, do it away from the house so that you don't end up with those items sailing up onto the slate tiles. If the items have any weight to them, they can crack the tiles. If the items are light but get stuck, they can cause the aforementioned ice dams if not removed. Also keep basketball hoops off the garage portion of the house -- there's too much of a risk that the basketball will end up bouncing onto the roof.

Immediate Repairs

If you do see a cracked tile, get it fixed immediately. Do not wait for other tiles to break so you can get them fixed in one swoop. All that will happen if you do that is that water will be able to get into the roof and house through the cracked tile. Replacing cracked slate tiles is a quick job, so getting the work done immediately should not be a problem.

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