Three Reasons To Shade Your Roof

You may have heard that shade can help you cool your house naturally to help reduce wear and tear on your AC unit. But growing a shade tree takes time, and using shade sails or shadecloth is quite an investment. How are you to know if it's worth the time and effort and expenditure? Here are three reasons shading your roof is worth the time and effort.

1. Thermal shock

Thermal shock is a phenomenon that can cause damage to your roof such as cracking, buckling, premature aging, and more. It's caused by the natural shrinking and expanding that your roofing material experiences when it changes temperature. Like the freeze-thaw cycle in nature, the hot-cold cycle that occurs when day changes to night and back again can cause drastic expansion and contraction. You may not be able to see the difference in size, but your roofing shingles can feel it. They try to contract fast enough to match the cooler temperatures, and the next morning they try to expand enough to match the rising temperatures, and it puts a lot of strain on them. Cracking and buckling occur when the shingles can't expand or contract fast enough or evenly enough and the tension deforms them or rips them apart. If you shade your roof during the day, you can help prevent this type of damage.

2. AC expenses

Energy bills aren't the only expense your unit can incur. New AC filters, coolant recharging, repairs when an overworked unit malfunctions, and more are all possible expenses whether your unit is overworked or not. However, keeping your house cooler naturally reduces the number of crises your AC unit has to handle on its own and makes its job easier overall, so that it's less likely to suffer from the additional wear and tear that an overworked unit is subject to. Shade can also help you save money by reducing the amount of work your unit has to do. In fact, shading your roof (and then supplementing that by shading windows and walls as well) can help you save as much as 40% on your cooling bill.

3. Environmental considerations

If you're an environmentally responsible citizen, you're aware that using fossil-fuel-powered energy sources means that the more you use your AC unit, the more emissions you're creating. Of course, you may be able to switch to a naturally powered energy company, but what if there's not one in your area? You can use shade to help take a load off your AC unit's energy use while saving money on the energy bill. You can even put away that saved money towards a solar panel fund so you can eventually take your unit entirely off-grid and eliminate emissions almost completely.  

These three reasons demonstrate how cooling your house naturally with shade can improve your roof's condition and lifespan as well as your AC unit's, in addition to saving money and helping you reduce your environmental impact. 

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