4 Questions To Ask When Contracting A Roofer

Keeping your home in the best possible shape is sure to be important to you. This includes having a strong and sturdy roof on your home that will stand the test of time. Over the years, your roof may become old and more prone to leaks that could damage your home. It's ideal to meet with a roofing contractor in your area and ask specific questions before hiring this individual to increase your confidence that your new roof will be durable and of high quality.

Question #1: Are you fully insured?

You will want to be certain that the roofing contractor and the entire crew have the necessary amount of insurance. It's ideal for the roofing company to have workers' compensation and liability insurance in place for the utmost protection.

Workers' compensation is necessary to protect the homeowner in the event any of the workers get hurt on the job and require medical attention. This will ensure the roofing company pays for this and not the homeowner.

Question #2: Are you licensed by the state?

It's important that the roofing contractor is licensed by the state. There are varying requirements that must be met by each state when it comes to this.

It's ideal for you to physically see this license to ensure that it's valid and up-to-date before hiring this person.

Question #3:  What is the estimated cost for the job and the deadline?

You will want to be fully aware of what replacing the roof will cost and when you can expect to have the job completed. In fact, you will want to draw up a contract that both you and the roofer sign in order to make certain that the job is fully completed and there isn't any confusion.

Question #4: Do you have any references?

You will want to be sure to get some references that you can call and ask about the roofer's reputation. This can enable you to learn if they've done a good job in the past and if it's smart to hire this person now.

Be sure to get a few names and numbers you can call to give you the most adequate portrayal of the roofer's work.

The benefits of hiring the right professional to do a job of this magnitude are many and you'll be able to get it done with greater ease. To ask these and any other questions you might have, talk to a contractor like Kelley Roofing to get started on this process.