Wind Damage Creates Cumulative Problems For Roofs

Roofers do not just pull a number out of the air when promising a "30-year guarantee" on the construction of a new roof. A solidly built roof is supposed to last several decades even after experiencing with normal wear and tear. Not all effects on a roof can be deemed normal though. Hurricanes and severe storms can cause serious, out-of-the-ordinary  damage to even the strongest roof. Major weather events are not the only major threats to roofs. Lesser weather -- but still problematic weather -- can create a cumulative effect and should be effectively responded to in order to avoid more significant and costly damage over time.

Wind Damage Facts

Severe winds of, say, 55 mph or more really do put a lot of stress on a roof. Slight damage might occur due to the pressure inflicted by the winds. Shingles, for example, could become slightly loose. Mercifully, a year or so may go before heavy winds hit the roof again. The one-year respite from heavy winds, honestly, means nothing. The loosened shingles are not exactly capable of healing themselves. The second blast of heavy winds is going to loosen the shingles even more. In doing so, the nails and nail holes between the shingles create openings for water.

No Such Thing as Minor Damage

"Minor" roof damage may exist in the sense the holes in the holes in the roof are small. Small holes are big problems -- the imperfections are enough for some water to drip through. Once water starts to breach the interior of a roof, the process of severe damage -- mold growth and wood rot -- commence. Over time, the roof's structure may become unsafe as a result. The wood supporting the roof might become extremely weak from rot. Hence, the wood won't be able to support the roof.

Check Out the Roof

Any time there is a serious windstorm, call a local roofing contractor to check the surface of the roof out. The quick inspection could take only a few minutes and issues such as loose shingles or small problems could be detected and fixed right away. The roofer might even discover serious damage that has been occurring for years and years. The roof may be past the point in which a new replacement would be strongly advised. Immediately replacing the roof at this point could prevent a tragedy in the form of a collapsed roof.

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