4 Stories That Show How Immediate Attention Can Save A Roof

Taking care of the roof on any building is an important job, but a lot of things can happen that may force you to move ahead with your timeline for doing work on it. It's a bad idea to dawdle when there's damage to your roofing, as these four stories illustrate.

Don't Feed the Animals

It can be enjoyable to feed the birds that come onto your property, but you should also be aware that they can be a threat to a roof. A homeowner in Arizona didn't think much of it even after one got into a small hole under the roof, as birds are known to do. By fall of the same year, though, more than 200 had taken up home there, rendering a nearby patio unusable and leading to a big roof repair bill.

Loose Materials

Seeing a loose shingle on a roof can seem like a pretty innocuous thing, especially since there's still wood and sheeting protecting the top of the house. One family discovered, however, how much chaos a loose shingle can cause when one broke loose, struck an electrical line, and caused a fire that left the neighborhood in a blackout. It's wise to take a look at the condition of your roof after every storm that blows through.

DIY Gone Wrong

A new property manager discovered problems with work her predecessor had done himself just six months ago. The roof was blistering because of gaps between an existing membrane and a new one. After conducting a moisture survey, it was found that four-fifths of the roof was saturated. More than $100,000 later, it was fixed by a professional roofing firm.

That Sinking Feeling

The noise from a loose cap on a vent pipe on a roof bothered a Pennsylvania family, but not enough to call a roofing company. They were surprised after a few years to find that a leak had traveled all the way through the walls of their house into the foundation. The foundation was compromised, and the house settled several inches, leading to damage far in excess of hiring a roofer to do a small job.


Taking care of small problems like holes and loose materials early can head off bigger issues down the road. It's also a good idea to have a professional conduct an inspection of any structure that you didn't personally see the maintenance done on.