The Perks Of Buying A Glazed Roof Product

There are so many different roofing options that it can honestly be a little hard to make a final decision. Residential shoppers are inundated with marketing materials on style characteristics and performance specifications that can make pretty much every product sound attractive in one way or the other.

Of course, you most will make their decision based on the style they are going for. But, there are usually several ways to achieve any of the most popular roofing styles. For example, if you want a French-style roof, you can find clay, concrete, composite, and even printed vinyl shingles. There are going to be many different products and materials that can create a similar overall roof style. This article focuses on glazed tiles.

Glazed Looks

Many of the most popular tile and shingle materials come with a glazed option. For example, you can find glazed concrete, glazed clay, and even delays composites. A glazed finish usually created with a durable acrylic coat. It is very similar to the concept of nail polish. Similarly, these glazes can either be clear or colored. For example, if you have a clay product, you might want a clear glaze so that you can still see the natural clay color. However, if you want to add a splash of unique color to your roof, you can find many bright and colorful tinted glazes. For example, these are commonly used in creating Spanish tile roofs.

Glazed Protection

The glaze does much more than just impact the look of the roof. A glaze can also make pretty much any tile material easier to take care of. The glaze basically makes the tile waterproof and stain-resistant. Since it is less likely to absorb dirt and become discolored, glazed tile doesn't need to be cleaned. Moisture damage is not really a big problem on a glazed roof tile. This also means that there is a reduced risk of moss or mold growing on your tiles. Basically, the glaze serves as a very useful protective layer over your roof shingles.

As long as you're willing to deal with the increased shininess of glazed shingles, you can enjoy a roofing product that isn't going to need vigilant upkeep or any serious repairs down the road. Glazed products only cost a tiny bit more than comparable raw tiles, but the money will save on long-term maintenance can make it well worth the extra cost.

For more information on roofing replacement options, contact your local roofing contractors.