Home Vinyl Deck Care: 3 Tips For Winter

Throughout the course of the winter, it is important that you take care of your deck so that it does not sustain any unnecessary damage. Depending on where you live, you may experience little to no snowfall, or you may receive several feet of snowfall throughout the winter. Regardless of how much snow you receive, you need to know how to properly take care of your vinyl deck so that you don't damage it. Here are three tips.

Tip #1: Avoid Metal Shovels, and Reach for Plastic Ones Instead

You don't want to just allow snow to accumulate on your deck, but it is important that you choose the right type of shovel to remove the snow. Metal shovels can puncture the membrane of the vinyl, so it is important that you choose only to use plastic shovels. Make sure that the plastic shovel you are using does not have a metal edge; it should be 100 percent plastic.

Vinyl decking is waterproof, which is why so many homeowners choose this type of decking material. However, if the vinyl is compromised in any way, moisture can potentially penetrate through the vinyl, resulting in the need for repair.

Tip #2: Make Use of Deicing Agents

Just as vinyl decking is waterproof, it is also generally pretty slip-resistant. However, when there is a layer of ice on the top of the deck, it can get slippery. To ensure that you and your family can enjoy the deck even through the wintertime, make use of deicing agents. On vinyl decking, you can use rock salt, traditional cat litter and snow-melting chemicals to gain that non-slip traction.

Tip #3: Rinse the Deck Well at the End of Winter

Once winter has come and gone, you will want to give your deck a good, solid rinsing. After a complete season of using deicing agents (even though they aren't harmful to your deck surface), you will need to remove any left-behind chemical residue so that the sun doesn't bake the chemicals into the vinyl surface and negatively impact the appearance of the deck. You don't need anything fancy to rinse off the deck; simply use soap and water to get the job done.

The aforementioned three tips—using plastic shovels instead of metal ones, using decing agents, and rinsing the deck at the end of the winter season—will help you maintain your deck and keep using it throughout the winter season.  For additional tips, don't hesitate to reach out to local deck builders.