How To Prevent Bird Damage On A Residential Clay Tile Roof

Just as you love your home's clay tile roof because it protects your home for decades without the need for any repairs or maintenance, so too does the local bird population. Birds such as pigeons and swallows love to build their nests in the nice sturdy gaps in the tile roof. The gaps under the tiles keep the birds' nests out of the weather where they can raise their young in safety.

While you may not mind the birds sharing your space, your roof absolutely does. When birds nest in and under roofing tiles they break the tiles and contaminate the roof with their waste products. Bird waste leads to unsightly staining and broken tiles will eventually lead to a leaking roof.

To prevent bird damage on your home's clay tile roof, take these actions:

Install Bird Stop Under the Eave Tiles

The starter layer of the clay tiles has large enclosures under each one. If you don't plug these enclosures, then birds, wasps, and rodents will use them for homes.

To plug the gaps, you need to have a roofing contractor install eave closures. These special flat, mounted tiles, also known as bird stop, are designed to plug the holes under the tiles and will also make the edge of your roof look finished and wonderful.

Save Your Money and Skip the Fake Owl

Many homeowners install a fake owl on their roof peak thinking the wild birds will be dumb enough to think the owl is real and will nest elsewhere. While this is a great theory, those same homeowners groan the first time they see birds nesting on the top of their fake owl they spent good money on. Skip the owl and save your money because while they are an interesting idea, they just don't work.

Install Bird Spikes in the Rain Gutters

Since the rain gutter system around the roof is also susceptible to bird damage, you should install bird spikes. These metal spikes prevent birds from landing in the rain gutters where they like to bathe and in larger groups can cause damage to the rain gutter system.

Repair Broken or Missing Tiles ASAP

In conclusion, it's important to fix any missing or broken tiles as soon as the damage happens because these gaps invite birds to come to build their nests. Since it isn't safe to walk on a clay tile roof, have the roof repaired as soon as possible by a licensed roofing contractor like those found at SUNVEK.