Reasons You May Need To Have Your Home's Roof Replaced

There are many reasons why a homeowner may find themselves needing to replace their roof. However, there are some reasons that can be especially common. Understand the most likely reasons that you will need to replace your roof can help you to be prepared when your home encounters these roofing issues.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is easily among the most common reasons for individuals to opt for roof replacement. In addition to the winds, rain, and hail being able to directly cause damage to the roof, it can also contribute to branches and other falling debris damaging this part of the home. While homeowners may assume that it will always be easy to tell if a roof has suffered storm damage, it can be possible for these damages to be fairly subtle. However, they will still be able to cause extensive damage to the home. A thorough inspection following severe weather is almost always advisable.


A termite problem can be one of the most serious pest issues that a home suffers. Termites can cause major structural damage, and this can eventually cause the roof to completely collapse. After the termites have been eliminated, the roof will have to be inspected by a professional to determine whether it has suffered enough damage to have to be replaced.


Water damage can severely weaken the structural supports of the roof. This will be able to cause the roof to sag and collapse. Depending on the location of the rot, the repair may be fairly simple to make. For example, if the rot is limited to the panels that support the shingles or tiles, the repair can be as simple as replacing these sections. However, rot that has spread to beams or other structural supports repairing the damage will most likely require replacing large sections of the roof. As a result, many homeowners will often choose to simply replace the entire roof in these situations.

Worn Shingles

Shingles are a common type of roofing material, and while they are fairly durable, they will need to be replaced after several years. You will typically be able to tell that the shingles are becoming worn when asphalt granules start to wash off the shingles. You may notice these granules collecting near the downspout or other areas where water drains off the roof. This will severely degrade the protection that the shingles offer, as it will make it easier for water to seep through them.