3 Signs It's Time To Call A Roofer To Check Your Roof For A Leak

A roof leak doesn't always show up as water dripping from your ceiling. If you see water dripping, you know you need to call a roofer right away. Other signs aren't so obvious, but you should still know what to look for. Here are some signs that could indicate you need to call a roofing contractor to check your roof for a leak.

1. Drywall Damage

If a leak is behind a wall, the drywall might soak up the water like a sponge. This could cause bubbles, cracks, or bowing of the drywall. You might even notice discoloration from water stains. When drywall is damaged by water, it often has to be replaced. When a roof leak causes water damage in your home, the first step is to have a roofing contractor make repairs so the source of the water is cut off. Then the water damage can be dealt with.

2. Mold And Musty Odors

A roof leak is often accompanied by mold growth. Since the roof can leak behind walls, the mold might be out of sight. Even though you can't see it, you might detect a musty odor in your home, especially when you're close to the leaking area. Mold might grow in your attic and be easy to see, but whether you can see it or not, mold should be removed once the roofer has stopped the leak.

3. Wet Insulation

If water leaks in your attic every time it rains, your insulation could be ruined eventually. Different types of insulation respond in different ways. Some insulation is waterproof, while others are destroyed when they get wet. Some are treated to prevent the growth of mold, while other types of insulation might be covered with mold when wet.

If you notice your insulation is wet in one area, is compressed, has a darker color, or has mold on it, then it's important to find the source of the water leak. Wet insulation doesn't work as well, and it may give your home a musty odor.

A roofing contractor can track down the leaky area so repairs can be done. A roof leak might not be directly above the water-damaged insulation because water rolls down the roof slope before it drips. However, a roofer knows the signs to look for so the leak can be found and stopped.

These are three signs of a water leak that you might find inside your house. The exterior of your home may give clues to a possible water leak too, such as missing shingles or a torn rubber boot vent. If you suspect a roof leak, call a roofer right away so you limit the amount of water damage done to your home, or reach out to a local roofing company, like Reitzel Home Improvement.