What You Might Discover About Your House Through Chimney Inspections

Chimneys, whether or not they are still connected to old fireplaces, wood stoves, or coal stoves, should still be inspected regularly. In fact, you might discover some very interesting or relevant things about your home through chimney inspections. Here are a few examples of things uncovered and discovered when chimney inspectors have done their jobs.   The Type of Fuel, Furnace, and/or Stove the House Once Had If your home currently lacks a fireplace, you might be wondering what the remaining chimney is for.

The Perks Of Buying A Glazed Roof Product

There are so many different roofing options that it can honestly be a little hard to make a final decision. Residential shoppers are inundated with marketing materials on style characteristics and performance specifications that can make pretty much every product sound attractive in one way or the other. Of course, you most will make their decision based on the style they are going for. But, there are usually several ways to achieve any of the most popular roofing styles.

Need To Replace A Historic Slate Roof? What Are Your Best Options?

For years, patterned slate roofs were seen as the peak of style and quality. These solid slate roofs were impervious to rain, sleet, snow, and debris, and their ability to be configured in just about any pattern or color scheme made them incredibly popular among the well-to-do. But environmental changes like acid rain and the passage of time have left many historic slate roofs in rough shape. Are there any repair or replacement choices that can maintain the unique character of your slate roof without breaking the bank?

4 Stories That Show How Immediate Attention Can Save A Roof

Taking care of the roof on any building is an important job, but a lot of things can happen that may force you to move ahead with your timeline for doing work on it. It's a bad idea to dawdle when there's damage to your roofing, as these four stories illustrate. Don't Feed the Animals It can be enjoyable to feed the birds that come onto your property, but you should also be aware that they can be a threat to a roof.

Is Your Roof In Trouble? How To Know If It Needs to Be Replaced

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that you are keeping a close eye on the condition of the roof. This way, you will not have to worry about small roofing problems becoming large problems that could put your home at risk for major issues, such as toxic mold from water damage. To help you discover whether it's time for a new roof, you will want to look for the following signs of trouble.