Tips For Identifying A Prairie Home – And How To Choose The Best Roofing Material

Several different residential architectural styles have simplified forms meant to blend into the surrounding landscape—and that can also cause the styles to blend into one another. But if you suspect your home is Prairie style, there are a few hints that can help you be sure of the diagnosis. Knowing that your home is Prairie can guide materials decisions when working with roofing contractors on a new roof or replacement project.

3 Best – And Worst -- Roofing Materials For A Saltbox Colonial Home

Saltbox Colonial refers to any style of Colonial home that features a saltbox roof, which has a shorter, low-sloped segment in front of the house and a long, steep segment out back. The upper story of the house sometimes juts out over the lower story, but, other than that detail, the Saltbox Colonial has a fairly stark geometric shape with asymmetrical windows and little ornamentation. If you have a Saltbox-Colonial-style home and need a new roof, there are a few best – and worst – roofing materials to keep in mind while meeting with your professional roofing services contractors.

Damaged Shingles Are Not The Only Cause Of A Leaking Roof

Do you have a home with a drip in the ceiling? Are you getting ready to call your local roofing contractor so that they can reshingle your roof? There are actually other reasons why your ceiling might be leaking water besides the shingles themselves being bad. Some things that you might want to consider include: Leaking pipe: Even though your leak may appear when it's raining and disappear when it's sunny out, you could still have a pipe with a small leak in your attic or crawlspace.

3 Improvements For Your Rooftop Deck

If you want to have more useable space for your home, sometimes the only option you have is to go up. Second-story renovations and additions are becoming more common. Building rooftop green space and outdoor areas is another option that you may want to consider if your property does not have enough physical space. This can be things like rooftop decks, which you want to make sure do not leak. Here are some tips to help ensure your rooftop space is leak free for years to come:

2 Roof Styles That Work Well With Slate Tile Roofing

Slate tile roofing looks elegant, requires little upkeep, and comes with a high price tag. If you have always wanted slate tile for your roofing material, you should know that the specific pros and cons of this material make slate best suited for some particular styles of roofs. Here are two roof styles that work well with slate tile roofing.  Hipped Roof A hipped roof has four sides that have similar lengths and modest slopes that allow the roofs to meet together at the peak.